July 6, 2020

Picking the right Wedding Venue – Consider the Country

There are literally hundreds of WEDDING VENUES to choose from. Do I go upscale or simple? Expensive or cheap? City landscape or rural bliss? So many choices. Somebody HELP ME!

Well, let me offer a site that you might be overlooking and it’s right in your own BACKYARD!

blog ashley famrs 2.jpg

While city skyscrapers and skylines are eye catching, don’t overlook the pure beauty of LUSH GROUNDS and RUSTIC scenery. Now you might not think of an old-fashion barn as ‘appealing’ or ‘modern’ BUT you would be surprised by the number of BOOKINGS places like Ashley Farm of Yorkville, Illinois host each WEDDING SEASON.

A pastoral VENUE offers a natural terrain backdrop against acres of visually stunning trees and inspiring wide-open spaces that will leave your guests wonderfully lost in natures simplistic beauty. Inside, the charming wooden decor and quaint rooms will give the bridal party and your guests all the picturesque ambience for your STORYBOOK wedding!

For more information on Ashley Farm Wedding Venue you can click on the link to their website or socials below:

To watch the FULL WEDDING VIDEO at Ashley Farm CLICK HERE: https://www.facebook.com/weddingswithmotion/videos/428976141051062/


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