June 8, 2023

Styles and Techniques in Wedding Videography | Cinematic Vs. Documentary – What’s best for YOU.

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Wedding videography has evolved over the years, offering couples a wide range of styles and techniques to choose from. Each style brings a unique perspective and aesthetic to the wedding film, allowing couples to find the perfect fit for their vision and personal preferences. Let’s explore some popular styles and techniques in wedding videography.

Cinematic Style: The cinematic style of wedding videography takes inspiration from the world of filmmaking, creating a visually stunning and emotionally engaging narrative. Cinematic wedding videos often have a cinematic quality, with careful attention given to composition, lighting, and camera movements. These videos are thoughtfully edited, incorporating storytelling techniques such as establishing shots, montages, and artistic transitions. The goal is to create a film-like experience that evokes emotions and draws the viewer into the love story being told. The cinematic style often includes the use of music, carefully selected to enhance the mood and add depth to the visuals. Slow-motion shots, aerial footage, and creative post-production effects may also be incorporated to enhance the cinematic experience.

Documentary Style: The documentary style of wedding videography aims to capture the wedding day as it naturally unfolds, without interfering or staging moments. The focus is on candid and authentic moments, capturing the genuine emotions, interactions, and details of the day. Documentary-style wedding videos prioritize storytelling through real moments, such as the couple’s reactions, the laughter, the tears, and the spontaneous interactions. The videographer takes a more hands-off approach, blending into the background and allowing the events to unfold naturally. The editing style of documentary wedding videos is often more minimalistic, focusing on chronological storytelling and capturing the essence of the day without excessive post-production effects.

Short-Form Highlights: Short-form highlights have gained popularity in recent years as a condensed and dynamic way of showcasing the wedding day. These videos typically range from 3 to 10 minutes and aim to capture the most significant moments and emotions of the day in a visually appealing and fast-paced format. Short-form highlights often combine carefully selected clips from different parts of the day, set to music, to create an energetic and emotionally impactful montage. This style is ideal for couples who want to share a concise and captivating summary of their wedding day with family and friends or on social media platforms. Short-form highlights can be standalone videos or incorporated as a part of a more comprehensive wedding film.

Hybrid Styles: In addition to the main styles mentioned above, many wedding videographers offer hybrid styles that combine elements of different approaches. For example, a videographer may incorporate cinematic techniques into a documentary-style video, or vice versa, to create a unique and personalized wedding film. These hybrid styles allow for more flexibility and customization, catering to the specific preferences and vision of the couple.

Styles and techniques in wedding videography offer couples a range of options to capture and document their special day. Whether you prefer the cinematic grandeur, the authenticity of documentary-style coverage, or the condensed energy of short-form highlights, there is a style that can bring your vision to life. When selecting a wedding videographer, consider their portfolio, previous work, and expertise in the specific style you desire. Remember that the style should align with your vision and personality as a couple, ensuring that the final wedding film is a true reflection of your love story.

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